This Table of Contents is from Shape Casting: The John Campbell Symposium published by TMS.


Foreword [pp. ix]

Editors' Biographies [pp. xi]

‡ Indicates that the paper contains a video accessible on the CD.

Liquid Metal Quality

Session Chair: Diran Apelian

Bifilms—The Most Exciting Discovery of the Century [pp. 3]
J. Campbell

A Method to Study the History of a Double Oxide Film Defect in Liquid Aluminium Alloys [pp. 13]
R. Raiszadeh and W.D. Griffiths

The Use of Bifilm Index as an Assessment of Liquid Metal Quality [pp. 23]
D. Dispinar and J. Campbell

Preventative Metal Treatment Through Advanced Melting [pp. 31]
C.E. Eckert, T. Meyer, M. Kinosz, and R. Mutharasan

The Relation Between Al3Ti Particle Formation and Impurity Removal During In-Situ Precipitation Treatment of Al-Ti-X Alloys [pp. 41]
S. Srimanosaowapak and K. O'Reilly

Filling and Feeding

Session Chair: John Berry

Gating Design After Campbell—A Practical Experience with the Daily Struggle with Porosity [pp. 455]
S. Valtierra-Gallardo, J. Talamantes-Silva, and J.A. Gonz´lez–Villarreal

Filling Mold Cavities at High Flow Velocities Without Turbulence [pp. 53]
J. Jorstad and M. Thieman

Designing Reliable Castings [pp. 63]
M. Blair, R. Monroe, C. Beckermann, R. Hardin, K. Carlson, C. Monroe, and J. Griffin

Vortex-Gate Design for Gravity Casting [pp. 73]
F.-Y. Hsu, M.R. Jolly, and J. Campbell

Characterization of Metal Filling Behavior of Lost Foam Castings Using Real Time X-Ray Technology [pp. 83]
W. Sun, H.E. Littleton, and C.E. Bates

The Five Feeding Mechanisms [pp. 93]
C.M. Gourlay and A.K. Dahle

A New Experiment for Quantification of Feedability and Permeability in Industrial Aluminium Alloys [pp. 103]
+. Nielsen and S.O. Olsen

Critical Gate Velocity for Magnesium Casting Alloy (ZK51A) [pp. 463]
F. Bahreinian, S.M.A. Boutorabi, and J. Campbell

The Connection Between Filling, Feeding and Applied Pressure in Cast Aluminum Alloys [pp. 113]
J.T. Berry, R. Luck, and R.P. Taylor


Session Chair: Srintah Viswanathan

The Role of the Eutectic in Porosity Formation in Al-Si Foundry Alloys [pp. 125]
S.D. McDonald, L. Lu, K. Nogita, and A.K. Dahle

Mechanism of Eutectic Solidification of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys [pp. 135]
S. Shankar, Y. Riddle, and M.M. Makhlouf

Chemical Modification of the Morphology of the Eutectic Phases in Hypoeutectic Aluminum-Silicon Alloys [pp. 145]
S. Shankar, Y. Riddle, and M.M. Makhlouf

Heterogeneous Nucleation Mechanisms of TiB2 Particles in Al Alloys [pp. 155]
B.J. McKay and P. Schumacher

The Role of Oxides in the Formation of Primary Iron Intermetallics in an Al-11.6Si-0.37Mg Alloy [pp. 165]
D.N. Miller, L. Lu, and A.K. Dahle

Observation of Crack Initiation During Hot Tearing [‡ video] [pp. 175]
C. Davidson, D. Viano, L. Lu, and D. StJohn

Prediction of Hot Tearing Tendency for Multicomponent Aluminum Alloys [pp. 183]
X. Yan and J.C. Lin

Influence of Temperature and Alloying Elements on Fluidity of Al-Si Alloys [pp. 193]
M. Di Sabatino, S. Shankar, D. Apelian, and L. Arnberg

Structure and Properties

Session Chair: Qigui Wang

The Effects of Oxide Films and Porosity on Fatigue of Cast Aluminum Alloys [pp. 205]
Q.G. Wang, P.N. Crepeau, J.R. Griffiths, and C.J. Davidson

Estimating Ideal Tensile Properties of Cast Al-7%Si-0.6%Mg Alloys Via Hybrid Mechanical Testing [pp. 215]
M. Tiryakioglu and J. Campbell

The Influence of Strontium and TiB2 Additions on the Formation of Porosity in Aluminum Castings and Their Effect on Final Fatigue Properties [pp. 225]
P.D. Lee and T.C. Lindley

A Study of Crack Initiation Sites in High Cycle Fatigue of 319 Aluminum Alloy Castings [pp. 235]
G.E. Byczynski and J. Campbell

Enhanced Ductility in Al-Si-Cu-Mg Casting Alloys with High Si Content [pp. 245]
C.H. Cáceres and J.A. Taylor

"Hard Spot" Defects in Aluminium-Silicon Cast Alloys [pp. 255]
X. Cao and J. Campbell

High Pressure Die Casting of Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys—Some Comparisons of Microstructure Formation [pp. 263]
H.I. Laukli, O. Lohne, and L. Arnberg

Influence of Ca, Be and Mn on the Structure and Properties of 356 Alloy [pp. 273]
S.S.S. Kumari, R.M. Pillai, and B.C. Pai

Fluidized Bed Heat Treatment of Cast Al Alloys [pp. 283]
S.K. Chaudhury and D. Apelian


Session Chair: Mark Jolly

Computer Simulation of Shrinkage-Related Defects in Castings — A Review [pp. 295]
D.M. Stefanescu

Computational Modelling of Mold-Filling and Related Free Surface Flows in Shape Casting: An Overview of the Challenges Involved [pp. 305]
M. Cross, K. Pericleous, T.N. Croft, D. McBride, J.A. Lawrence, and A.J. Williams

Simulation of Casting Complex Shaped Objects Using SPH [‡ video] [pp. 317]
P.W. Cleary, J. Ha, M. Prakash, and T. Nguyen

Review of Optimization Methods for Casting Simulation [pp. 327]
R.S. Ransing and M.P. Sood

State of the Art Review of Use of Modelling Software for Shape Casting [pp. 337]
M.R. Jolly

Analysis and Optimization of the Transient Stage of Stopper-Rod Pour [pp. 347]
D.D. Goettsch and M. Barkhudarov

"Designing-In" Controlled Filling Using Numerical Simulation for Gravity Sand Casting of Aluminum Alloys [‡ video] [pp. 355]
J.-C. Gebelin, M.R. Jolly, and F.-Y. Hsu

A Front-Tracking Method of Predicting the Solidification Microstructure in Shape Castings [pp. 365]
S. McFadden, D.J. Browne, and J. Banaszek


Session Chairs: Murat Tiryakioglu and Paul N. Crepeau

Development of a Cast Steel Backup Roll [pp. 377]
X. Kang, D. Li, L. Xia, J. Campbell, and Y. Li

Applications of Campbell's Casting Rules on High Quality Aluminum Castings [pp. 385]
K.-Y. Liao, C.-C. Wong, P.-H. Hsieh, and Y.-Y. Lai

A Rational Approach to Casting — Building Quality Into the Process [pp. 395]
M.I. Cardoso, A.F. Rodriguez, G.K. Sigworth, and J. Talamantes

Campbellology for Ferrari [pp. 405]
V. Coombe

Controlled Diffusion Solidification — Manufacturing Net Shaped Al-Based Wrought Alloy Parts [pp. 415]
D. Saha, S. Shankar, D. Apelian, and M.M. Makhlouf

Effect of Die Temperature and Melt Quality on a Commercial Low Pressure Die Casting [pp. 423]
G. de Looze

Silica-Free Foundry Sand at Silica Sand Prices [pp. 433]
K.P. Harris

The Cosworth Casting Process: Evolution and Benchmark [pp. 443]
N.R. Green, A.M. Tomkinson, T.C. Wright, J.P. Evans, U. Fuchs, and S. Tschegg

Author Index [pp. 473]
Subject Index [pp. 475]