This Table of Contents is from Solidification Processes and Microstructures: A Symposium in Honor of Prof. W. Kurz published by TMS.


Preface [pp. xi-xii]


Semi-Solid Forming: Our Understanding Today and Its Implications forImproved Processes [pp. 3-14]
M.C. Flemings, J. Yurko and R. Martinez

Contributions to the Understanding of the Formation of the Skin DuringContinuous Casting of Steel [pp. 15-26]
G. Lesoult, J.-M. Jolivet, L. Ladeuille and Ch.-A. Gandin

Introducing Casting Simulation in Industry: The Steps Towards Success [pp. 27-32]
M. Gremaud and M. Gäumann

Simulation of Shrinkage and Stress in Solidifying Steel Shells of Different Grades [pp. 33-39]
Y. Meng, C. Li, J. Parkman and B.G. Thomas

A 3D-FEM Model Solving Thermomechanics and Macrosegregation inBinary Alloys Solidification [pp. 41-46]
M. Bellet, V.D. Fachinotti, S. Gouttebroze, W. Liu and H. Combe

Effect of Casting Speed on Structure Formation and Hot Tearing DuringDirect-Chill Casting of Al-Cu Alloys [pp. 47-52]
Suyitno, D. Eskin and L. Katgerman

Simulation of Solidification and Precipitation in Continuous Casting ofMicro Alloyed Steels [pp. 53-59]
M. Safi, H. Hamadou and D. Senk

Stray Grain Formation in Nickel-Base Superalloy Single-Crystal Welds [pp. 61-66]
J.M. Vitek, S.S. Babu, J.-W. Park and S.A. David

Microstructure Control During Single Crystal Laser Welding andDeposition of Ni-Base Superalloys [pp. 67-75]
S. Mokadem, C. Bezençon, J.-M. Drezet, A. Jacot, J.-D. Wagnière and W. Kurz

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Liquid Metal CooledDirectionally Solidified GTD-444 [pp. 77-83]
S. Balsone, G. Feng, L. Peterson and J. Schaeffer


Rapid Melting of Nb-47 Mass % Ti: Effect of Heating Rate and Grain Size [pp. 87-98]
W.J. Boettinger, D. Josell, S.R. Coriell and D. Basak

On the Interaction Between Macrosegregation, Shrinkage Flow andGrain Movement [pp. 99-110]
A. Ludwig and M. Wu

Direct Observation of Pore Formation and Bubble Mobility DuringControlled Melting and Re-Solidification in Microgravity [pp. 111-116]
R.N. Grugel, A.V. Anilkumar and C.P. Lee

Kinetics of Dendritic Mushy Zones: Microgravity Experiments [pp. 117-122]
A. Lupulescu, M.E. Glicksman and M.B. Koss

The Topology of Coarsened Microstructures [pp. 123-129]
R. Mendoza, J. Alkemper and P.W. Vorhees

Coherency, Hot Cracking and Wilfried Kurz [pp. 131-137]
J.A. Sekhar

Direct Visualization of Phenomena Related to Steel Casting andSolidification [pp. 139-144]
S. Sridhar and A.W. Cramb

A Micro-Segregation Model [pp. 145-150]
V.R. Voller

Network Modeling of Liquid Metal Transport in Solidifying AluminumAlloys [pp. 151-156]
W.O. Dijkstra, C. Vuik, A.J. Dammers and L. Katgerman

Modeling of Macrosegregation and Solidification Grain Structures with aCoupled Cellular Automaton - Finite Element Model [pp. 157-163]
G. Guillemot, Ch.-A. Gandin and H. Combeau

A Mushy-Zone Rayleigh Number to Describe Interdendritic ConvectionDuring Directional Solidification of Hypoeutectic Pb-Sb and Pb-Sn Alloys [pp. 165-171]
S.N. Tewari, R. Tiwari and G. Magadi

Dynamics of Particle-Solidification Front Interactions [pp. 173-179]
J.W. Garvin, Y. Yang and H.S. Udaykumar


Dendritic Scaling Laws: Application to Microstructure Prediction [pp. 183-192]
M.E. Glicksman, A. Lupulescu and M.B. Koss

Selection of Eutectic Carbides in Multi-Component High Speed SteelType Cast Irons [pp. 193-204]
T. Okane and T. Umeda

Extending the Lipton-Kurz-Trivedi Dendrite Growth Model Into theTwo-Phase Regime [pp. 205-210]
D.M. Matson, J.K. Yurko and R.W. Hyers

The Effect of Dimensionality on Microstructures in DirectionallySolidified SCN-Salol Alloys [pp. 211-218]
S. Liu, M.-J. Suk, L. Fabietti and R. Trivedi

Characteristic Substructure in Directionally Solidified Dilute Al-Cu Alloys [pp. 219-224]
O. Fornaro, H.A. Palacio and H. Biloni

Effect of Lead and Antimony on the Grain Structure of DirectionallySolidified Zn-Al Alloys [pp. 225-231]
M. Rappaz, A. Quiroga and A. Sémoroz

The Peritectic Reaction in Fe-Co Alloys [pp. 233-239]
N.J. McDonald and S. Sridhar

On Anisotropy Effects in Lamellar Eutectic Growth [pp. 239-244]
G. Faivre

Growth Mechanisms in Low-Velocity Al-Si Eutectics [pp. 245-250]
R.E. Napolitano, C. Jung and H. Meco

3D Observation of Eutectic Structure of Al2O3-YAG System [pp. 251-256]
H. Yasuda, I. Ohnaka, A. Sugiyama, Y. Mizutani, Y. Waku, A. Tsuchiyama, T. Nakano and K. Uesugi

Lamellar/Rod Transition in Al-Cu Alloys [pp. 257-262]
S. Liu, J.-H. Lee, D. Enlow and R. Trivedi

Phase Selection in Unidirectional Growth of Sn-Ag3Sn Eutectic Alloy [pp. 263-268]
H. Esaka, K. Shinozuka and M. Tamura

Formation and Effects of Al2Si2Ce Type Phase in Hypereutectic Al-Si AlloyCastings Containing Additions of Phosphide Inoculant and Rare Earths [pp. 269-274]
W. Jirattiticharoean, S.C. Hogg, C.A. Kirk and H. Jones


Free Dendrite Growth in Undercooled Melts: Experiments and Modeling [pp. 277-288]
D.M. Herlach, O. Funke, P. Gandham and P. Galenko

Tests of Theories for Nonplanar Growth During Rapid Alloy Solidification [pp. 289-294]
M.J. Aziz

Phase Selection Transitions During Undercooled Melt Solidificaiton [pp. 295-306]
J.H. Perepezko

Microstructural Scaling Relationships in Cellular Patterns [pp. 307-318]
R. Trivedi, S. Liu, B. Echebarria and A. Karma

Diffuse Solid-Liquid Interfaces and Solute Trapping [pp. 319-324]
R. Abbaschian and W. Kurz

Glass Forming Ability and Type of Eutectic Coupled Zone [pp. 325-331]
H. Tan, Y. Zhang, D. Ma and Y. Li

Optimum Stability in Rapidly Solidified Nickel-Based Alloys [pp. 333-338]
P.R. Algoso, W.H. Hofmeister and R.J. Bayuzick

Nonequilibrium Phase Selection During Weld Solidification ofFe-C-Mn-Al Steels [pp. 339-344]
S.S. Babu, J.M. Vitek, J.W. Elmer, T.A. Palmer and S.A. David

Femtosecond Laser Micromachining of Single-Crystal Superalloys(absract only) [pp. 345-346]
Q. Feng, Y.N. Picard, H. Liu, S.M. Yalisove, G. Mourou and T.M. Pollock

Microstructure Selection During Rapid Solidification of Al-Si Powder [pp. 347-352]
A. Geneau, I.E. Anderson and R. Trivedi


Fractal Solidification Patterns (abstract only) [p. 355]
H. Mueller-Krumbhaar

Dendritic Growth in Confined Spaces [pp. 357-368]
B.P. Athreya and J.A. Dantzig

Globular-Dendritic Transition in Equiaxed Alloy Solidification [pp. 369-371]
H.-J. Diepers and A. Karma

Examination of Binary Alloy Free Dendritic Growth Theories with aPhase-Field Model [pp. 373-378]
J.C. Ramirez and C. Beckermann

The Influence of Foreign Particles in the Formation of PolycrystallineSolidification Patterns [pp. 379-385]
J.A. Warren, L. Gránásy, T. Pusztai, T. Börzsönyi, G. Tegze and J.F. Douglas

Three-Dimensional Phase-Field Simulations of Directional Solidification [pp. 387-392]
M. Dejmek, R. Folch, A. Parisi and M. Plapp

Experimental Observation and Phase-Field Modeling of InterfaceMorphological Transition in Unidirectional Solidification [pp. 393-399]
T.-M. Guo, H.-J. Xu, T. Kyu and G.-X. Wang

Phase Field Modeling of Step Flow with Dendritic Patterns (abstract only) [p. 401]
S.G. Kim and W.T. Kim

Phase-Field Modeling of Faceted Dendritic Growth (abstract only) [p. 403]
S.G. Kim and W.T. Kim

A 2-Dimensional Model Coupled to a Thermodynamic Database for thePrediction of Solidification Microstructures in Multi-Component Alloys [pp. 405-411]
A. Jacot and Q. Du

A Cellular Automaton for Growth of Solutal Dendrites:Factors Influencing Grid Dependent Orientation [pp. 413-418]
S. Raghavan, M.J.M. Krane and D.R. Johnson

Author Index [pp. 419-421]
Subject Index [pp.423-424]