This Table of Contents is from Deformation and Fracture of Ordered Intermetallic Materials III published by TMS.
Preface [p. ix]
Chairmen [p. xi]


Dislocation Sources in Ordered Intermetallics [pp. 3-16]
M. H. Yoo, F. Appel, R. Wagner, and H. Mecking

Cyclic Deformation and Fracture of Ti3Al Single Crystals [pp. 17-25]
Y. Umakoshi, T. Nakano, B. Ogawa, and Y. Koizumi

Deformation and Fracture of Strongly-Ordered B2 Compounds [pp. 27-44]
I. Baker

Texture and Anisotropy of Ti-22Al-23Nb Foil [pp. 45-56]
A. D. Rollett, K. Muraleedharan, P. R. Smith, and M. R. James

Influence of High-Strain Rate and Temperature on the Mechanical Behavior of Ni-, Fe-, and Ti-Based Aluminides [pp. 57-73]
G. T. Gray III


Deformation Mechanisms and Strain Accommodation Across Lamellar Interfaces in a Binary Titanium Aluminum Alloy [pp. 77-87]
J. M. K. Wiezorek, X. -D. Zhang, and H. L. Fraser

The Role of Mechanical Twinning in Deformation of Near- TiAl Materials [pp. 89-100]
T. R. Bieler and D. -Y. Seo

Mechanical Response and Microcrack Formation in a Fine-Grained Duplex TiAl at Different Strain Rates and Temperatures [pp. 101-110]
Z. Jin, C. Cady, G. T. Gray III, and Y. -W. Kim

Tertiary Creep and Fracture Behavior of Two Single-Phase TiAl Alloys [pp. 111-121]
R. W. Hayes and P. L. Martin

Microprocesses of Plasticity in Two-Phase Titanium Aluminides [pp. 123-139]
F. Appel, H. Clemens, and R. Wagner

Fracture and Fatigue in -Based TiAl Alloys with Fine Lamellar Microstructures: Long and Small Crack Behavior [pp. 141-157]
J. P. Campbell. A. L. McKelvey, S. Lillibridge, K. T. V. Rao, and R. O. Ritchie

Fatigue Crack Growth in Cast Gamma Titanium Aluminides [pp. 159-176]
C. Mercer and W. O. Soboyejo

Probabilistic Mechanics Approaches to the Prediction of Mechanical Properties in Gamma-Based Titanium Aluminides [pp. 171-205]
A. B. O. Soboyejo, Y. Ni, C. Mercer, and W. O. Soboyejo

Thermal and Athermal Deformation Processes in Equiaxed Ti-48Al-2Cr Between Room Temperature and 600°C [pp. 207-215]
St. Willems, H. Uhlenhut, A. Bartels, and H. Mecking

Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Gamma TiAl Strip [pp. 217-237]
G. Das

Cottrell-Stokes Temperature Change Experiments for Single-Phase Polycrystalline Gamma Ti47Al51Mn2 [pp. 239-250]
M. Lu and K. J. Hemker


Energetic and Kinetic Consideration of Grain Boundary Engineering in Ni3Al [pp. 253-264]
M.-L. Turi, U. Erb, and G. Palumbo

The Effects of Boron and Hydrogen on the Room-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Ni3Al [pp. 265-273]
J. W. Cohron, E. P. George, L. Heatherly, C. T. Liu, and R. H. Zee

Improvements in Room Temperature Ductility of Ni3Al by Zirconium Addition [pp. 275-284]
G. Itoh, R. Chikaizumi, and M. Kanno

Self-Diffusion of Ni in Ni3Al Intermetallic Compound Alloyed with Cr, Mo, Hf, Ta, and B [pp. 285-302]
B. S. Bokstein, S. Z. Bokstein, and I. T. Spitsberg

Slip Creep of Ni3Ga [pp. 303-310]
M. J. Hunt and Y. Q. Sun

Observing Dislocation Cores and Relating Their Structure to Macroscopic Deformation Processes [pp. 311-321]
K. J. Hemker, M. Kumar, and T. J. Balk


Dislocation Processes and Mechanical Properties in Hard-Oriented NiAl Single Crystals [pp. 325-336]
R. Srinivasan, M. F. Savage, M. J. Mills, M. S. Daw, and R. D. Noebe

Examination of Dislocation Near Crack Tips in Stoichiometric NiAl [pp. 337-348]
B.-C. Ng, B. Simkin, and M. A. Crimp

In-Situ TEM Observations of Dislocations Motion in Stoichiometric NiAl Single Crystals [pp. 349-359]
B. Ghosh and M. A. Crimp

Compressive Creep Deformation of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced NiAl-W Composites [pp. 361-377]
T. A. Venkatesh and D. C. Dunand

An Investigation of Transformation Toughening in NiAl Composites Reinforced with Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia Particles [pp. 379-405]
P. Ramasundaram, F. Ye, R. R. Bowman, and W. O. Soboyejo

Niobium Aluminides and Silicides Deformation Mechanisms at Intermediate Temperatures in a Ternary Nb Aluminide Compound [pp. 409-418]
R. Wheeler, S. Perungulam, D. -H. Hou, S. Banerjee, and H. L. Fraser

Compression Behavior of As-Cast Nb-15 at.% Al-10 at.% Ti, -25 at.% Ti and -40 at.% Ti Alloys [pp. 419-436]
D. L. Guan, P. K. Liaw, C. R. Brooks, C. J. McHargue, and E. W. Lee

An Investigation of the Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Niobium Aluminide Intermetallics [pp. 437-456]
J. DiPasquale, F. Ye, J. Lemski, and W.O. Soboyejo

An Investigation of the Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Laminated MoSi2/Nb-15Al-40Ti Composites [pp. 457-472]
F. Ye, R. J. Lederich, and W. O. Soboyejo

Dislocations and Mechanical Properties of Single Crystal NbSi2 [pp. 473-481]
S. A. Maloy, F. Chu, J. J. Petrovic, and T. E. Mitchell

The Deformation and Fracture Characteristics of a Nb-Al-Ti-Mo Alloy [pp. 483-506]
T. S. Srivatsan, J. DiPasquale, and W. O. Soboyejo

Fatigue and Fracture of Brittle-Reinforced MoSi2 Composites at Elevated Temperature [pp. 507-535]
G. -Y. Lu, R.J. Lederich, and W.O. Soboyejo


Deformation and Fracture of Ordered and Disordered Fe-Al Alloys under Mode I and Mixed-Mode I/III Loading [pp. 539-550]
H-X. Li, N. S. Stoloff, and R. H. Jones

Effects of Processing and Ternary Alloying on the Microstructure and Fracture Toughness of Al2Ti [pp. 551-563]
J. C. Ma and J. E. Benci

Processing and Heat Treatment Effects on the Phase Evolution, Tensile, and Creep Behavior of an Orthorhombic Ti-25Al-25Nb Alloy [pp. 565-582]
C. J. Boehlert, B. S. Majumdar, and V. Seetharaman

Fracture, Ductility and Fracture Toughness Behavior of the Cubic (L12) Titanium Trialuminide Intermetallics [pp. 583-601]
R. A. Varin, L. Zbroniec, and Z. Witczak

Thermal Stability of an 2+ Titanium Aluminide Coating on a Ti-22Al-23Nb Orthorhombic Alloy [pp. 603-609]
S. G. Warrier, S. Krishnamurthy, M. L. Gambone, and P. R. Smith


The Ordering Scheme in Complex Intermetallic Compounds [pp. 613-622]
D. -H. Hou and H. L. Fraser

Deformation Mechanisms of Single Phase TiAl Single Crystals [pp. 623-640]
R. Mahapatra, Y.T. Chou, A. Girshick, D.P. Pope and V. Vitek

Authors [p. 641]