This Table of Contents is from Fundamentals and Applications of Microalloying Forging Steels published by TMS.


Preface [p. ix]


Microalloyed Forging Steels: Solubility Revisited [pp. 3-16]
T. Gladman

The Effects of Composition and Hot Working Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Pearlitic and Martensitic Forging Steels [pp. 17-28]
D.L. Lee, S.J. Yoo, K.S. An, Y.W. Lee, and W.Y. Choo

The Current Status of the Development and Use of Air Cooled Steels for the Automotive Industry [pp. 29-43]
M. Cristinacce and P.E. Reynolds

Improving the Properties of Medium Carbon Steels with Modified Post-Forging Treatment [pp. 45-59]
R. Kaspar, I.B. González, J. Richter, G. Nussbaum, and A. Köthe

Review and Development of Microalloyed Steels for Forgings, Bars, and Wires [pp. 61-78]
S. Engineer and B. Huchtemann

As-Rolled Microalloyed Steel Bars with Improved Properties [pp. 79-91]
P.E. Reynolds and J.H. Reynolds

Morphology and Properties of Continuously Cooled Bainite in Medium Carbon V-Microalloyed Steels [pp. 93-107]
Dj. Drobnjak and A. Koprivica


Precipitation in Microalloyed Higher Carbon Steels [pp. 111-125]
D.V. Edmonds

The Influence of Austenite Condition on Bainite Transformations in Microalloyed Bar and Forging Steels [pp. 127-141]
F. Zhang and J.D. Boyd

Strengthening and Toughening of Microalloyed Bainitic Forging Steel [pp. 143-157]
H. Takada and Y. Koyasu

Vanadium Carbide Coarsening in Steels Subjected to Normalizing and Induction Hardening Heat Treatment [pp. 159-172]
A.L. Rivas, D.M. Michal, M.E. Burnett, and C.F. Musolff

Abnormal Grain Growth in Medium Carbon V-Ti-AI Microalloyed Steels [pp. 173-186]
J.M. Cabrera, E. Flores, A.Al. Omar, and J.M. Prado

Microstructure and Properties of Ti-Microalloyed Steel [pp. 187-194]
F.A. Khalid and M. A. Khan

Development of Microalloyed Medium Carbon Steels for Forging and Bar Products [pp. 195-205]
H. Dong, G. Li, and Y. Zhang


Hot Deformation Behavior of Several Microalloyed Forging Steels [pp. 209-224]
G.T. Velarde, C.J. Van Tyne, and Y.W. Cheng

Flow Behavior of Two Medium Carbon V-Ti-AI Microalloyed Steels under Hot Working Conditions [pp. 225-239]
J.M. Cabrera, A.Al. Omar, J.J. Jonas, and J.M. Prado

Optimization of the Ferrite-Pearlite Microstructure of Vanadium-Treated Medium-Carbon Steels by Means of Mathematical Modeling of Forging Process [pp. 241-253]
R. Kuziak, M. Pietrzyk, and Y.W. Cheng

Computer Aided Prediction of Properties in Forging and Rolling of Microalloyed Steels [pp. 255-275]
R. Shivpuri, B. Sailesh, and P. Pauskar

An Advanced High Strength Graphitized Steel for Machining and Cold Forging Uses [pp. 277-286]
T. Iwamoto, T. Hoshino, K. Amano, and Y. Nakano

Forged Microalloyed Steel Crankshafts for Automotive Engines [pp. 287-299]
C. Tinius and R. Mrdjenovich

Temperature Control of Induction Heating for Microalloyed Forging Steels [pp. 301-308]
W.F. Peschel


Improvements of Toughness by Stopping Brittle Processes Nucleated in Ceramic Particles through Thermomechanically Optimized Microstructures in Engineering Steels [pp. 311-325]
M.A. Linaza, J.L. Romero, I. San Martín, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe, and J.J. Urcola

Toughness of Microalloyed Ferrite-Pearlite Steel [pp. 327-344]
D.H. Tostenson, R.B. Bertolo, and B.M. Glasgal

Influence of Chemical Compositions on Toughness of Ferrite-Pearlite Type Microalloyed Steer [pp. 345-355]
K. Inoue and S. Nakamura

Short-Rod Fracture Toughness Testing of Mocroalloyed Steels as a Function of Sulfur and Intragranular Ferrite Content [pp. 357-374]
P.D. LaGreca, D.K. Matlock, and G. Krauss

Application of Microalloyed Forgings for Heavy-Duty Diesel-Engine Connecting Rods and Other Components [pp. 375-389]
S.K. Banerji

Effect of the Tempering Temperature on the Fracture Toughness of Two Steels and their Fracture Morphologies [pp. 391-400]
P. Nguyên-Duy, V. Tremblay, and S. Boisvert

Low Cycle Fatigue and Hydrogen Effects in an Indian Commercial Microalloyed Steel [pp. 401-416]
P.C. Chakraborti and M.K. Mitra

Microalloy Steel Applications in Automotive Coil Spring Products [pp. 417-429]
R.S. Graham and M.R. Mitchell

Continuous Heat Treatment of Automotive Suspension Spring Steels [pp. 431-453]
W.E. Heitmann, T.G. Oakwood, and G. Krauss

Metallurgical Influences on the Fatigue Strength of an Induction Hardened Microalloyed Steel [pp. 455-469]
M.E. Burnett, C.F. Musolff, G.M. Michal, and A.L. Rivas

Microalloyed Forgings for Large Diesel Engine Components [pp. 471-480]
H. McLean

Effect of Heat Treatment and Chemistry on Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Microalloy Steels [pp. 481-489]
N.T. Morris

Induction Hardening of Microalloyed Medium-Carbon Steel: Characterization of Pre-Hardened Microstructure [pp. 491-505]
J. Cunningham, D. Medlin, C.J. Van Tyne, and G. Krauss

The Effect of Cold Work on the Fatigue Behavior of 10v45 [pp. 507-515]
W. Dowling, Jr. and W. Donlon

Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of FreeForm(TM)--A Micro Alloyed Low Carbon Bainitic Steel [pp. 517-531]
T.A. Joenoes, A.M. Gokhale, S.P. Bhat, and W.E. Heitmann

Development and Application of Fe-Mn-V Medium Carbon Microalloyed Steel to Crankshaft of Passenger Car [pp. 533-547]
D-H. Jeong, S.G. Ahn, S.C. Jung, and Y.W. Kim

Effect of Titanium on Microstructure and Property of Medium Carbon Steel Microalloyed with Vanadium [pp. 549-560]
H. Dong, G. Li, and Z. Lu

Author Index [p. 561]